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Feedback From Customers

I've paid a lot more for a lot less and I can't be happier about the quality of this product! It's very strong and not some flimsy piece of. The plastic dome is sturdy and it fits snugly over the tray and the ventilation dials are perfect.


I purchased seed trays 1mo. ago. Finally a durable excellent design. I was able to release the soil quickly without digging. Materials are superior to other 1- years of use trays soon destroyed. Great job.


I bought the Lids with handle! I love these! They fit my jars perfectly! I use them on my mason jar with a neoprene sleeve. Works great for my iced coffee, iced teas, water, smoothies, great!

Lisa H

Just got the lids, tried them on my jars and they’re great. I wanted to store rice, grits, oatmeal, dry beans etc. in the mason jars. Was tired of spending so much money on canisters that were never completely perfect.Β 

Dedra M.

Bought these to store breast milk in large mason jars - they work great. Much easier to use than smaller plastic bottles which collect the fat from milk on the sides. High quality!


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