Deck the Halls: 5 Houseplants for a Festive Christmas Ambiance


Move over poinsettias; amaryllises might just steal the show, judging by their popularity on Instagram. With spectacular blooms that last for weeks and a variety of colors, including white, red, coral, burgundy, and pink, amaryllises are a holiday delight. Consider 'Apple Blossom' for a lime green-throated, watercolor-pink brushed bloom or 'Stargazer' for red flowers with snowy-white stars. With a little care, these bulbs can even rebloom after a dormant period.

Enhance a plain pot by placing it in a decorative container or use the long-stemmed blooms in clear glass cylinders for a stunning effect. Just be cautious around pets, as these plants are toxic.

Classic Poinsettias

No houseplant represents Christmas quite like the poinsettia. Available in festive red, hot pink, cream, white, apricot, or marbled varieties, poinsettias epitomize holiday charm. 'Jingle Bells' and 'Peppermint Ruffles' offer unique twists with crimson beauty and pale pink and cream, respectively.

While they are stunning on their own, you can also tuck cut blooms into water picks for decorating garlands, wreaths, or Christmas trees. Contrary to popular belief, poinsettias are not harmful to pets or children.

Charming Kalanchoes

Featuring plump green leaves and vibrant flowers, kalanchoes are another holiday favorite. Blooming for weeks in white, pink, or red, they add a splash of color to your festive decor. As succulents, they prefer bright light without direct sun exposure.

Kalanchoes are easy to care for; just water when the soil feels dry and let the excess drain away. Even without their flowers, these low-maintenance perennials make lovely evergreen houseplants.

Carefree Cyclamens

Though not as familiar as poinsettias or amaryllises, cyclamens can bring equal festive cheer to your decor. With heart-shaped leaves and flowers in various colors, they make adorable standalone displays or delightful additions to houseplant arrangements.

Gift a foil-wrapped cyclamen to teachers, co-workers, or neighbors, adorned with a ribbon for an extra festive touch. Keep in mind that most cyclamens sold are tropical, and they'll bloom into spring if kept in a cool place.

Colorful Christmas Cactus

As the name suggests, the Christmas cactus is an iconic holiday plant, usually blooming around the festive season. With flowers in magenta, red, pink, coral, and more, these succulents can live up to 100 years, making them a cherished family heirloom.

Propagate a piece for someone special as a meaningful gift. For those in Zones 9-11, you can grow them outdoors, while indoors, they serve as accent plants and easy-care houseplants after their long-lasting flowers have finished.

Embrace the holiday spirit with these delightful houseplants, turning your home into a festive haven.