Seed Envelopes Printing Instruction


The template or size of our packets doesn't work with all printers,
pls check the paper size your printer can print, if it can print 3*5" paper,
then this template and instruction will work. And if you have any issue when using them, feel free to email us at, we’ll be back to you soon.



How to use:

1.Download the template (click here)

2.Google search "photopea"or click the link ---An Online Image Editor

3.Open the template

4.Drag the image into the blank Layer

5.Move cursor to the corner of image, Long press "shift" button and resize the image

6.Adjust the image and add the words if you need. Note: image should be under the green line( the sealing line)

7.Save as PNG.

8.Print, choose paper size ---(3*5") Scale to fit --- Print Entire Paper(Note: Don't seal the envelope when you put it in the printing slot.